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Diciembre 2022

On Teenage Luddites – Study Hacks – Cal Newport

When an interviewer asks me about youth and technology addiction, I tend to adopt an optimistic tone.  “We’re approaching a moment in which not using these apps will be seen as the authentic, counter-cultural move,” I’ll explain. “We don’t need to convince teenagers to stop using their phones, we just need them to discover on their own just how uncool these online media conglomerates, with their creepy geek overlords, really are.”

According to a recent New York Times article that many of my readers sent me, we might finally be seeing evidence that this shift is beginning to pick up speed. The piece, written by Alex Vadukul, and titled “‘Luddite’ Teens Don’t Want Your Likes,” chronicles a group of Brooklyn high school students who formed what they call the Luddite Club, an informal organization dedicated to promoting “a lifestyle of self-literation from social media and technology.”

Mi visión actual sobre internet

…en palabras de un “youtuber” al que, de paso, deberían seguir.

Dos comentarios recientes altamente recomendables:

There is no “cool” place for “based” people to hang out on the internet. There are r*tards, shills and feds and various degenerates. No well-adjusted human uses the internet constantly—this is just a fact of life and the sooner you return to reality, the better condition you will be in.

Internet usage really is a gerbil wheel. It makes you feel productive, but mostly steals your soul.

Cómo la ONU buscó intervenir en la Ley de Presupuestos de Chile

Tras el rechazo de los diputados al presupuesto del INDH, el representante sudamericano del Alto Comisionado de la ONU, Francisco Xavier Mena, envió una carta a todos los senadores pidiéndoles que aprobaran los recursos. «Es motivo de preocupación en cuanto podrían llegar a constituir una afectación a la autonomía e independencia del INDH», dijo la autoridad. Durante el estallido, Mena generó polémica tras asegurar que hubo “desaparecidos”, lo que resultó ser falso.